Why Blackjack is the Most Popular Casino Games?

Blackjack has been among the most popular casino games even before the advent of online casinos. Whether you are playing in the US, Europe, Asia or Australia, all casinos have different versions of the game. The game originated in France in the 18th century, finding its origin in the game known as vingt-et-un or 21. It was different in not offering the 3-2 bonus on a hand total of twenty-one.

Popularity in the US

When the game reached the US shores, it took a lot of time to gain popularity. This was when casinos began offering bonuses to draw players. They also offered lucrative payouts such as 10 to 1 when someone got a black jack and an ace of spades. This was where the game got its name from. It became even more popular when casinos began offering a 3-2 payout.

Becoming the Most Popular Casino Game

Once people became aware of Twenty-One, its popularity found no boundaries. They found many reasons why it was such a thrilling game:

  • Control

Twenty-One is different from most other casino games in that you have some control over the outcome. It is not a pure game of luck. Once the dealer deals you the cards, it is up to you what step you should take. You can decide to stand, hit, split, or double based on the cards which are dealt.

  • Lower House Edge

When it comes to online gambling, it is always recommended to choose games with the lowest-possible house edge. This game has among the lowest house edges. In fact, there are single-deck games with lower than 1% house-edge. Most games have edges in the range of 2% and 3%.

  • Easy to Learn & Play

One of the main reasons the game found widespread acceptance worldwide was the simplicity of its rules. The game is easy for anyone to learn because its rules are quite simple. You can learn the rules the very first time you play it, even when it can take a few sessions to master the game.

Among other reasons, blackjack is also an exciting game. Once you become an experienced player, it becomes easier to win more often and increase your profits.